Client References

What Our Clients Have to Say:

“We sold our large Victorian in the Gold Coast and bought a charming little Craftsman on the East End. In both transactions we were represented by David Gunderman and Andrew Raskopf. Needless to say, selling our family home of 22 years and buying another property at the same time is a stressful endeavor at best and an emotional roller coaster at worst. I want to let you know how pleased we were with the work Andrew and David did for us. Their professionalism and dedication were outstanding, but more than that, they gave us endless emotional support and advice during this trying time in our lives. Their efforts and enthusiasm made the entire experience a pleasure.”

—Steve and Annie H.


“Not only are Andrew and David knowledgeable and professional in their approach, they are perceptive and highly responsive to their client’s needs…the smallest detail is handled with a true sense of urgency and with the utmost of importance. Proceeding through the daunting process of first time home ownership would never have been remotely the same without their unique, exceptional focus and intuitive sense. Both Andrew and David are true talents and major SERVICE assets to their clients.”

—Robert & Regina D.


“David and Andrew are the most professional, organized, hardworking real estate agents I have ever encountered. I could not possibly recommend anyone more.”

—Matt D.


I have never worked with any Realtors I felt so confident in. David and Andrew listen remarkably well. All the properties they showed me matched exactly what I was looking for.”

—Cathy F.


“After having gone through the often painful process of buying and selling five houses over 25 years, I was not looking forward to doing it again. But their skill, patience, and cheerfulness made it a joy. We love the house and we love them!”

—Allan M. & Shinji M.


“I had no idea I could get as much for my house as I did. From staging to negotiating to closing, I knew I was in excellent hands.”

—Joe F.


“The market was brutal. These guys found us a place and got us in. They are friends for life.”

—Alison & Brandon L.


“Andrew and David put their extensive information network to work for us. They maintain relationships with the real estate community, local governments, home inspectors and contractors that helped us to confidently move forward with our purchase.”

—Randall L. & Larry S.


“They are an absolute godsend. Excellent judges of personality, earnest, open to suggestions and savvy negotiators. They understand the residential market without pretense or arrogance. It was a great feeling knowing I had these two people working for me. It made me feel like I had a real advantage over the rest of the field.”

—Alice M.


“They made it happen. I am convinced I would not be a homeowner right now if they had not been so on top of the market.”

—Jonathan R.


“Attention to detail was amazing. They are always reachable and had the answers I needed. I never worried…and I’m a worrier.”

—R. Wayne G.


“Thank you for everything you have done for us. In our hearts, we know we would not be moving into this wonderful home if it were not for your help. From finding the house before it was listed, to working with us on the negotiations, through the coordinating of all the closing details, you have been there for us. We are very grateful for your professionalism, commitment and personal interest.”

—Felix & Leticia G.


“It has been such a pleasure working with you. I’ve had a chance to see many other Realtors and you are the tops. How lucky I was to have found you to sell my home.”

—Neva R.


“We just wanted to say that you have done an outstanding job through this difficult and frustrating search process. We have worked with several Realtors now, so we know whereof we speak. No one else has even come close to your level of interest and competence. On a purely professional level, we will recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for real estate in Alameda and Oakland and will turn to you immediately should we buy and sell again. On a personal level, you’re both really nice people and we have enjoyed working with you.”

—Lance & Jennifer A.


“You did an awesome job. From selling our house, to finding our new home, helping us through all the inspections, the repairs, dropping everything at a moment’s notice, never missing a beat—simply awesome. We’re never moving again, but if we do, we’ll come running to you. THANK YOU!”

—Catherine and Kyle F.


“Thank you for all your support and being present during my transition from Alameda.  Thank you for your guidance and patience.  Thank you for taking care of the business and doing an exceptional job. Thank for bringing out the Art spirit. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your caring warm spirits.”

—Christa K.


“Wanted to just drop you a note (before we get drunk on champagne) saying thank you.  We are so happy to have gone through this process with someone who’s company we enjoyed so much!  We heard nightmare stories about people and their realtors…but working with you was exactly the opposite.  YOU ARE WONDERFUL!”

—Lynne & Ryan


“I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and expertise. You really made this process so much easier and understandable, and you are a true professional!”

—Kelly B.


“Thank you so much for making the sale of the sale of the house so easy. Also for working so hard to ease the tension during those tense times. You will always be our friends.”

—Don and Sharon


“We truly appreciate how smoothly and seamlessly the house transition went. Thanks for making the process so easy. You were awesome to work with.”

—Annette and Alan


“Thank you. We are very pleased with the result. I know that none of us expected this response to our house. It will certainly make it easier to get into the SF market. Thank you so much for all of your work.”

—Rose and Darin


“I love you!”

—Karen M.


“I can’t thank you enough for all the support, understanding, and patience you provided during this exciting experience–buying our first home! There is no way I could have done this without you–I appreciate your expertise, warmth and genuine nature so much!”

—Kelley R.


“I am still in shock . I got to the place and couldn’t believe it was mine. Then I changed the lock and called my aunt. I am EXTREMELY happy. THANK YOU SOO VERY MUCH for helping me through all this process. Honestly, I can’t really believe I am a home owner. I am speechless (and take my word for it), it is very rare when this thing happens. THANK YOU AGAIN. Wishing you all the best in everything you pursue!”

—Iuliana B..


“Thank you again for all your help and patience in finding our condo. We could not have had a better first-time home buying experience. We love our new place. Please come by and visit some time!”

—Suzan K. & Ben W.


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