Crazier than Ever, EVER!

David here.

How exciting to sit down to a blank page…honestly, I am finding it thrilling. As some of you may know from our wildly descriptive marketing, I love to write. I am dangerous with this medium. It could suck my whole life away. Fortunately, we tend to be a bit busy so I will be forced to leave this computer for long spells.

Before I get into the whack-a-doo real estate market, a personal plug. Our kids, Katie and Jake, will be appearing in a 40-minute HBO documentary premiering 1/31/2010 called “A FAMILY IS A FAMILY IS A FAMILY:  A ROSIE O’DONNELL SPECIAL” in a segment called Katie and Jake’s Chickens. It’s crazy cute, so check it out. It’s also an important look at how all families are the same when you get right down to it – hopefully it will be used as a learning tool (a la Lesson 9) going forward.

The real estate market. It is insane these days. It has been for awhile, but more than ever, it is really treacherous. People losing homes, investors lining up with all-cash for bargains, the high-end struggling, loan programs changing or disappearing, appraisal regulation that makes you want to scream and banks making terrible decisions left, right and center. On that last point alone: if I could tell you how many millions of dollars I have seen banks squander through the lens of my own business…take that and multiply it across this country – seriously,we could fund healthcare on that alone.

Anyway, I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom. It is, after all winter, and every year (even 2009), everything picks up in the spring. We are a predictable species.

Probably the reason I am a bit gloomy is because I know of several people (none of them past clients – let me be clear!) who are losing their homes. They call for council. They are difficult conversations and remind us, one and all, to be grateful for our health and connections.

Wishing you health – and hoping we continue to connect. Here…and, more importantly, in the world.

Here I am – ready to pontificate and I am being pulled away already by dinner.  Probably a good thing.

I promise more substance to follow!!



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